History                                                                Edit

Clubs and Activities: After-School Tutoring

Art Club

Basketball Club

Dancing Tigers

Drama Club

Girls Empowered

Girls on the Run

Glee Club

Jazz Band

Science Olympiad


Student Activity Club

Tiger Paws Yearbook

Student Council

School Principals: Dr. Richard S. Carter

Departments: Administrative Assistants


Career Technology Education

Community Based

English Language Arts

Guidance Counselors

Health & Physical Education




Social Studies

Special Education

World Languages

Library Media Center: Destiny Quest
Talley middle school cheerleaders00:31

Talley middle school cheerleaders



Talley Middle School Winter Concert-002:31

Talley Middle School Winter Concert-0

Talley Middle School was named in memory of a prominent Brandywine hundred family. The school was built in 1972 and was renovated in 2005. There was nearly 820 member student bodies primarily resides in sections of Claymont and North Wilmington. I have been in Talley for two years in the grades 6th and 7th.

Gallery                                                 Edit

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